7 Tips and Strategies to Never Lost Ideas to Blog

During we blogging, we can’t always find fresh and original ideas. Especially if your blog have specific niche. At a certain moment, you found fresh, original and good ideas. But, at other moments, you can’t found ideas though you thinking out loud. So, the thing you found is just disappointment and frustration. Fresh ideas will make good contents. But this is not easy to found. So this is a valuable thing to blogging. Because of that, is the important thing to you for have strategies in order to always find good ideas to blog.
Well, I have some tips and tricks to always find good ideas to write posts in blog.

1. Diligently read other blogs which same niche with you
and read other blogs which same niche is a way to find good ideas. By this, your knowledge in your niche will increase. This is make you will find the good ideas because the more knowledge you known, the easier to find fresh and original ideas.

2. Associate and communicate with blogger who same specialist with you
Make a relationship, communicate, and  associate with other blogger who same specialist with you also will make you easier to find ideas. Because, By this you will exchanging and sharing ideas that surely different each others. But, It doesn’t mean you will make a duplicate content because same ideas. However, the style of writing will make different content.

3. Always bring a little note everywhere
Sometime an idea found when you hanging out or when you didn’t blogging. Well, emergence of an idea is difficult to predict. Even i often find ideas when i defecate in the toilet, hahahah (but, this is true :D). So, therefore you must bring a little book everywhere to write the ideas that comes. This is because that ideas will forgotten immediately if you don’t write that.

4. Make agenda or list to post
Well, This is an advanced for the number 3. when you have written the ideas in the little note book, quickly to make a list or agenda to post. it also as reminder collection of ideas that ever you found. It is will very useful. it up to you to make agenda in any form. if my own, i make it in notepad with the list of title would i post later.

5. Keep your mood always good
The good mood is so important to find ideas. It is the key to find ideas accidentally. The good mood will make you find the fresh ideas. So, Keep your mood always good.

6. Make your body and mind keep fresh
This point apply if you want to find ideas by think a lot, not by accidentally. You must on fresh body and mind. This is will make you to think clearly. The result, the good ideas will found easily and quickly.

7. Ask to professionals in your niche
Don’t hesitate to ask your seniors or professionals in your niche. Don’t forget to read their blog too. Approach and respect them. They will be happy if you think they are professionals. Then, ask them and take their knowledge. Because, once again, the more knowledge you known, the easier to find fresh and original ideas.

Okay. Maybe only that can i shared. If you have other ideas for this post, don’t hesitate to share in comment box below. I waiting for your response. Hope this useful and Happy Blogging 🙂

Muhammad Syakirurohman with his young spirit.
image took from inclusive-solutions.com

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