Www.blogberbagi.com Seemed to Have Recovered Now

My other blog > BAGI-BAGI ILMU with URL www.blogberbagi.com seemed to have recovered from a problem that happened. Well, that problem had happened from about 2 month ago. The problem is the technical error in meta tag, exactly in meta description setting. because this problem, visitors number of my blog decreased until about 75%. My blog pageviews which before totaled about 1500-2000+ per day became only 100-500 pageviews per day. It’s a very drastic decrease.

That technical error made so many duplicate meta description so the search engines (especially google) consider my blog contained too many duplicate contents. All of my post description in search engines is same with homepage description. while, actually no duplicate contents in my blog. The result is my blog had decrease of SERP in google. Only some articles pillar that still survive in first position in google.

Actually, this problem is not expand again on the end of last October, because i changed the meta tag though can’t solve it. But, other trouble came when i install a widget archive in that blog. This widget is make duplicate contents again and make the problem worse. I almost frustrated by this trouble. But, I face this problem by presence of mind. I began to searching the ways to solve it. Not only that, I also make some research with meta tag and file robots.txt. finally I got the way to solve this trouble. This way make the duplicate descriptions decrease. This way i used and worked about from a week ago. I also very happy because the visitors who had lost back again now. It is the sign that google gift good SERP again for my blog. It also proven when i type “BAGI-BAGI ILMU” keyword in google search engines, then i got my blog occupied the First position in page 2. It is a improvement because before my blog can’t found until page 10.

This is the valid data about this problem :

This is goolge webmaster tools data. This is the HTML improvement after the problem solve. The duplicate meta description not yet lost all, but it is had drastic decrease from about 2000+. each google index and update, duplicate meta description and other had decrease.

bagi-bagi ilmu html improvement in google webmaster tools

Sorry, I can’t give you the complete data when the problem not solved yet. i just can documented this. The following is duplicate title tags before the problem solved. there are almost 1000 duplicate title tags that caused by label and archive widget in blog. It’s not total because there are still other duplicate title. compare with the duplicate title tags above.

duplicate title tags before the problem solved

This is traffic comparison :

the traffic comparion

Actually, on other side i feel lucky got this problem. Because, this problem give me a valuable experience in blogging. It is make me did some research in meta tag and robot.txt file that make my knowledge increased. well, maybe that’s all my valuable experience. what about you ?
Happy Blogging 🙂

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