7 Skills Needed to Begin Blogging Professionally

professional blogger skill

To become a professional blogger isn’t a thing that easy and simply. especially if you are a beginner blogger that still have high spirit to blog. I am not to scare you, but it is true. But, If you always enthusiastic to blog, i sure you will become pro-blogger easily. There are many thing you must you have to become a professional blogger. One of them is which will i talked in this article. Actually, It’s not only skill you needed. Mindset, patience, sacrifice, and mood is other thing that you must have to blog. But here i just talked about Skill.
There are many skills to mastered when you decide to start blogging professionally. Therefore, to ease you to understand it, Generally i classifying it to be 7 Skills. That is :

1. Expertise in Your Niche
Your expertise in your blog niche is a main and vital skill that should you have. It is a skill must you have first to blog. therefore, I make this skill in number 1 of 7 skills. If your blog niche is about photographer, so you should be a photographer. You must improve your skill continuously. searching and reading other blogs with same and related niche is a way to improve your skill and knowledge. By other word, you must frequently Blogwalking. extensive knowledge will cause you to make high quality contents. An article which wrote by a professional will be high quality. By this, you will become a professional blogger in your niche. The more your skill increase, the more you professional.

2. Writing Skill
Writing skill is other skill you must have. Writing skill will make your contents seen good. Good writing skill will help you to easy to make good contents. In addition, the post with good language and structure will make your visitors comfortable and stay in your blog because the posts are nice to read. there are many ways to improve your writing skill. the most important is you must writing as frequently as possible and never give up. You can read the articles in ‘writing tips’ category in this blog. maybe, that’s will help you because there are some writing tips for you.

3. Always Found Idea and Innovation
Find the fresh idea and new innovation is a skill which will help you to mastering the two skill above. When you will writing an article, Idea is an important thing must you found. Desire to write will also appear when you found an idea. Usually, If you have no idea, no desire to write too.
Beside idea, you must find innovation too. Innovation is very important to make a good and unique image for your authority. It also will make your blog more developed than before. Especially If you find a Great innovation in your blog, likely you will easy to famous and get good authority.

4. SEO Technique Skill
SEO is a technique skill you have mastered to develop your blog or site which very important. Just Read the article : ‘Why SEO is important‘ and other articles in SEO category. SEO is technique to bring your visitors to your blog from search engines and directories. Without SEO technique, your blog will slower to developing and you have poor visitors.

5. Promotion Skill
Promotion is a method to introduce your blog and your business to public. It almost same with SEO, Just that it with share and tell public by yourself manually. there are many ways to promote your blog to public. The example is use social media and community to promote your blog. To more ways, you can read blog promotion tips in this blog.

6. Make Relationship With Other Bloggers
However, You will never success if you running a business without make relationship with others. Likewise with blogging. You need other bloggers help and participation to develop your blog. By make relationship skill you will easy to make blogging business relation and cooperation with other blogger. By this, your blog will more quickly to become professional.
one way to make relationship with other blogger is by as frequently as possible to blogwalking or visit other blogs.

7. Basic Programming and Graphic Design Skill.
Programming skill, especially about web design is a skill you must have too. Why ? this is because, when you blogging, you will always find ‘codes’ to designing your blog. Indeed, you can blogging without touch ‘programming languages’ because now, blogging platform have been provided complete features and facilities that allow user to do not need to use codes and confused by it. But, if you will become professional, This is more important!. It is for designing your site. The programming languages and graphic design you must mastered is HTML, CSS, and Photoshop. It will better if you mastering other programming and graphic design skill. But, the 3 above is The most important.

The seven skills above is very related each other. So, If one skill of them is not you mastered, it’s will influence other skills you mastered. But, You can mastering them all by learn continuously and gradually. I also help you to do it by my articles in this blog. Almost all of articles in this blog is about to mastering the seven skill above. Even if you want to ask, I will serve and answer your questions as my best.
Hopefully this article useful. Keep spirit and Happy blogging 🙂

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