Just Remembering A Memory

Well, i just want to story with you. It’s up to you if you don’t like to read this article because it about my personal blogging memory. I just want to remembering that about the end of last november (november 2011), I known and heard the word of “Blog”. I known it from my best friend. At that time, my friend told me that blogging can make money.

At first, I didn’t so interested. But, after i be taught how to make blog by my friend, I began to interested with blogging. The first blog i made is syakir-duniaislam.blogspot.com that contains about Islam –my religion–. But, i did not immediately to blogging because at that time i must go to internet cafe to blogging. at that time i not have yet internet in my house. But, just by know about blog, i was very happy because i can enjoy it until now.

I must say thanks for my friend. unfortunately, my friend who tell me about blog, now he was stopped blogging since march 2012. it was make sad enough for me because i have no good friend with same hobby and do it together. however, my friend is very kind because he always helped me when i got problem about blogging, though when he was stopped to blogging.

that’s it my story, what about you ?

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