How to Submit/Register Your Blog/Site to Google Webmaster Tools

After you read the previous article : “google webmaster tools and the features“, i sure, you want to use google webmaster tools because the advantages that i said in previous article, Right?. Probably, when you will use google webmaster tools for your site, you confuse to do it ?
Well, the first step is submit your site to google webmaster tools. So, in this article i will explain you how to submit or register your blog/site to google webmaster tools.
Okay, just follow the steps below :

1. You must have a google account. if you not registered yet, just sign up to google.

2. After you have a google account, just visit google webmaster tools and sign in by your google account.

3. After you log in, See and click the button “Add A Site” on right top corner.

add a site to google webmaster tool

4. Just fill the textbox with your site/blog url.

5. Then, Follow the way to verify your site. make sure you followed by right.

verify site in google webmaster tools

6. After you done the step 5, just Click “verify” on the same page.

7. Finish, your site verified and you can use google webmaster tools.

*for you who use blogger/blogspot platform, generally your blog has registered automatically. you just verify your site, then you can use google webmaster tools.

That’s it. hope you helped by this article. i waiting for your response in the comment box below 🙂

Happy Blogging 🙂


  1. nice info

  2. thanks for the information…

  3. Your welcome

  4. Thanks for this one because I really want to know how to use google webmaster tools. I will try this steps now.Thanks!

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