2 pattern of Blogging for business that must you known

Okay, bloggers. Now, with a cup of coffee i write this to  share about my idea that actually i got yesterday. But, i just can write it now because i am busy. though i am not a professional blogger, but i have idea that maybe important for you if you will begin blogging for money.
match with the title, there are two pattern of Blogging for money. both of them have been many run by peoples. I compose this patterns because i seen much of my blogging friends is different in earn money from their blog. some of them are easy to earn, but the others is very difficult. it is because they have no right pattern so their blogging activity wrong direction and it’s not little that make them frustration. one of the patterns is should you choose in order your direction and goal is exact. it is up to you because it depend on your characteristic, offline activity and business, hobby, necessity, and others.
Okay, These is the patterns ;

1. Quick to earn, but you no professional/specialist and no famous.

this pattern is must you apply if you need quickly to earn your money from blogs. The ways is you must posting on your blog as much as possible everyday. the minimun article you must post everyday is 5 articles. the peoples who run with this pattern usually is not create articles originally, but by rewrite or copy-paste by include the source of articles. the good and famous blogs that use this pattern example is terselubung.blogspot.com and www.apakabardunia.com. it is done on about 3-4 month. after that 3-4 month, usually your visitors have been much and your blog ready to earn. Blogging with this pattern usually have no spesific topic. the topics usually is about unique facts, health, news, selebrity, technology, internet, tips and tricks, and others. sometimes, one article with other is absolutely have no topic relation. therefore, you will not become a professional/specialist because your blogging niche is no spesific. you also will not famous because you are not specialist.
advantages of this pattern:
– you will quickly to earn money
– there are no special skill required because your articles is quote  from other blogs
– you no need to have idea to post your articles.
– your blog will growing rapidly because your articles is general and sought-after by peoples.
disadvantages of this pattern:
– you will not feel a sensation of how wonderful sharing because you actually not share your knowledge/idea.
– you will quickly to bored or saturated because you will feel your job is boring and not impressive.
– you will not become a professional/specialist so you are not famous.
– if you too frequently posting with no edit slightest, your blog at risk blocked by google panda..

*tips : – if you post, just edit or rewrite the articles minimum 30%. read also > tips to rewrite articles from other blogs.
– don’t fill your content with only quoted articles.. just post your original occasional

2. you become Professional/specialist and famous, but slow to earn.

this pattern usually run by the peoples who make Blogging as his hobby and part-time Job, but Serious to manage his blog. usually the blog topics is about Author job/specialist on his other business(either online or offline). the author don’t want to earn blog quickly, and even some of them is not make blog as their income. they usually is volunteered to share his ideas/knowledges. their goal is for long time and to be a professional/specialist on their topics. Usually, This kind of blogger more familiar and friendly with their blog readers. their blog is not. They usually have many fans because his specialist. The author usually posting one post/day or minimum 3-4 post/week. usually the articles is very useful and weighted. They enjoy and happy blogging without thing about money.
This kind of blog usually slowly to growing. it’s need minimun 1 year to become famous, that’s by requirement posting minimum 3-4 post/week. But when they was famous and have many fans, they will very easy to earn. The opportunity to earn also very much. their income from blog will very much compared by The first Pattern.
the example blogs with this pattern are www.problogger.net, dailyblogtips.com, www.blogguebo.com, some photograph blogs and others.
advantages :
– you will feel a sensation of how wonderful sharing because you share your knowledge/idea.
– you will become specialist on your niche and you will famous.
– you will have many fans.
– you will not feel bored because your job is pelasure.
– though long time, but when your blog ready to earn, you will have many opportunity and earn far more than the blogs with the first pattern because your earnings is not only from ads. usually you can have a online/offline course about your specialist and this is easy to done because you have a brand.
disadvantages :
– you can’t earn your blog quickly.
– there are a special skill required.
– you need a fresh idea to posting.
– you must patient and persistent to blogging.

from the two above, which will you choose ? which the match for  you?. once again, it is up to you because it depend with your state.
just my opinion, Blogging with the second pattern is better but not all of person can run it. it is will better again if you collaborate the first pattern and second pattern. but i sure, you will not be able to run it if you manage blog alone. it is because you must frequently posting with the fresh idea on your niche, you will stress!!. if you want to collaborate the first and second pattern you must have a team and the enough time. indeed, if you run with collaborated pattern, you will quick to success. the example of blog with collaborate pattern is mashable.com and techcrunch.com.. the 2 sites that not foreign for you.

Okay.. that’s it.. what do you think about this article ? are you agree ? I waiting for your response on the comment box below 🙂
Happy Blogging.

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