How to add Youtube Videos to Your Posts

Youtube is a video sharing site that currently very liked by netizens, especially by teenagers. therefore, reasonable if bloggers want to add videos from youtube to their blog posts. unfortunately, there still bloggers that not know yet how to add it. so, in this article, i will explain how to put youtube videos to Blog posts. okay, let’s see the tutorial below :

1. create new post.
2. look and click the video icon like on picture below.

how to add youtube videos
3. then, the display will like this :
4. Go to youtube.
5. select the video you like.
6. example you want cristiano ronaldo video to add.
7. copy the url such as showed on picture
8. however, sometimes the url seen like this :
9. but, just copy the url like showed on picture.
10. then, paste and search it. see the picture below.
11. then, there will appear the video list. click the video you selected.
12. finish. the youtube video was added.
That’s all. if you have any question, just ask me on the comment box below . Hopefully useful and Happy Blogging 🙂


  1. Kalau di blogspot lebih mudah karena ada menunya tapi untuk wordpress rasa2nya perlu memasang scriptnya
    terima kasih atas tutorialnya

    • saya belum pernah pake wordpress sih jadi belom bisa ngasih tutorialnya.. tapi pasti ada ko fasilitas di wordpress buat masukin video.. atau bisa juga secara manual dengan memasukkan koding embed html pada postingannya

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